Thursday, 12 July 2012

eCar Insurance - Such Poor Service you couldn't make it up

Dear eCar Insurance,

What Happened
So I wanted some short term car insurance. So I take out a PAYG thingy policy with you people. Then you ask for driving licenses and No Claims Discount, I note with interest my last three insurers didn't need this stuff. Then your email server is shocking and spits back many emails and chaos reigns.
Finally I get it to accept my emails and then you refuse my NCD letter on spurious grounds, but do accept my driving license scans. I query this position and you dig your heels in.  So I think stuff it I will go elsewhere this is too hard.

Meanwhile you send me warning emails threatening £75 cancellation charges (Have you heard of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977?) saying I haven't sent my driving licences or NCD proof, as the guy in Gavin and Stacey would say "whats occurin". So I email you to cancel and hear nothing and try and cancel online but it won't let me because you haven't approved my NCD letter! I know thats why I want to cancel.

Then I waste 10 minutes on the number you supply on hold and don't get through to a human. Frankly its like Fawlty Towers or some bizzare Kafkaesque film. A more cynical view is that this is all deliberate and a money making scam. The forum thread about you on suggests I am not alone in experiencing problems in dealing with you.

What I want

I want you to confirm that this policy is cancelled. I have now got a way better deal with LV more fool me for not taking the Internets word on your shocking level of service.
I want £10 for being kept on hold on your number, if you are going to charge that price you need to answer it.
I want you to refund me my money for the days I have not had cover, because of your inept business practises and shocking service.

What I will do meanwhile

Contact the Consumer Champions at the Guardian. They went into bat for me against the Student Loans Company on my behalf, and won.
Blog this letter and tell my friends.
Wait 8 weeks from today and go to the Financial Services Ombudsman to reclaim my costs and time. I believe that will cost you £500 before we even get started. I have put a reminder on my calender.
Dave Prince


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