Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Safer Cycling up the Knaresborough Road

I need your help, after lobbying Andrew Jones our Mp and after in fairness some tenacity on the part of him and his office we have a meeting with North Yorkshire County Council to discus cycling up the Knaresborough Road. Here is the story so far...

Finally this year Harogate Council put some limited cycling across the Stray. Ok it takes five years but well done them. Only the stretch of road from the Hospital to the Beryl Burton Cycle way at Forest Lane Head remain without provision for cyclists. Then you could cycle from central Harrogate to Knaresborough in a deal more safety.

These things take time, however imagine my disbelief when they resurface the road from the Hospital to Forest Lane Head and instead of cycle lanes put a dirty great median strip down the middle forcing cars out towards cyclists rather than making room for bikes. This lack of thought about the needs of cyclists seems symptomatic of a system that puts car users before cyclists in the road pecking order. See the London Mayoral campaign for more on this.

Yes I use a car, but I love the fact that I am lucky enough to ride a bike to work and I like the fact that it makes Harrogate a slightly nicer place to be when I do it. I also know I run a few risk doing what I do and I would like them minimized as far as possible. If you think cycle ways up Knaresborough Road would be a good Idea could I ask you to sign this petition, thanks.

Dave Prince

Update we now have a different blog covering all of this. Check it out


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