Sunday, 23 October 2016

To do nothing would be stupid and dangerous

What if we had money to improve Leeds Transport along a gridlocked road corridor and had evidence that the current road layout was killing and injuring people disproportionately but we did nothing about it? That would be bonkers would it not?

So here we are, the Otley Road corridor into Leeds resembles a carpark at rush hour which is bad for drivers. It  makes Leeds a clean air black spot. It holds the buses up and as this new map of cycling casualties in Leeds for the last five years shows. It appears to be injuring more than it fair share of cyclists.

This is a bad thing and as of now there are no plans to do anything to change this lamentable situation. You can't make this stuff up.

What if you put a park and ride on the available land by the ring road. Improved bus priorities into the city and made them electric. Fitted a segregated cycleway so people could park and ride (bus or bike) and you funded it using some of the £175 million quid you have from your failed trolley bus scheme? That would be better for everyone.

If you wanted to drive  in you could, but if the buses where good or you fancied the bike you would. That's the experience from the rest of the world anyway.

So why wouldn't you do that Leeds City Council and Greg Mullholland MP?


  1. Great post, the council are gathering some opinions on transport experiences and opinions in this survey here (survey closes 11th November) -

    There is also a group talk being held at the civic hall on the 1st of November at 6pm

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