Thursday, 10 March 2016

One Night In Middlesborough

Last night one guy started doing the funky chicken, careering backwards across the room, he was just trying to make the rubbish bin on legs that had no blood in them. Down he went like a beer barrel into a cellar, catching his head on the way. Got away with it. I screamed "man down" and the nurses came running.  Everyone else just watched, but then he needed hourly checks to make sure he didn't have a head bleed. He had threatened to hit a nurse earlier, she came to help, I might well have taken my time. Tonight 84 year old John has got up at 2am to announce he needs a shower before his op in the morning. The nurses have got him back to bed. I am sure he is terrified but his arteries are like car injectors after too many miles with cheap supermarket petrol in the tank, he can barely manage a waddle. Welcome to the cardiac ward. Much human life is here but mostly the unwell and the hangers on hoping for an extended sentence. 

I can sleep for maybe of 20 mins in the hour. I had the minimal invasive op where they leave your breastbone intact, but my side is a little sore tonight, so I'm passing the time as the hippos belch and fart scribbling a few words. Most of these guys had the full cut, carve and rewire the chest job, despite the morphine many are in agony, some turning down pain relief, what the hell is that about? 

Cardiac wards have their own smell, I reek of it.  Phlegm from your lungs I think and gastric gas. Not nice it smells of death and defeat. 

Outside the birds are now singing tomorrow is already another day, with any luck I'm heading home, remodelled, serviced and with the potential for many more miles on the clock. Most of my fellow travellers will be here a few days yet. My scars will heal, it is worth it. My valve was scanned today it is back to full function. Enock Akowuah is a master craftsman. Thanks to everyone who kept me grinning the last few days. Stay Healthy, It has been an experience. Here is to sleeping through once more.


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