Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Spreading a little Happyness

I had just poured the coffee it was only 8.15, in walks someone roughly my age.

"Do you know anywhere I can get my bike serviced".

I smile and point at the vacant bike stand.

"How much will it be?"

"It's free, I get paid to do it, I will charge you for any parts you might need."

Disbelief spreads across her face and she smiles and we talk and the bike has been in the shed and it needs a bit of a look at, but she has been quoted £50 for a service and can she bring it in next Monday and help yourself to leaflets and why didn't I offer her a coffee? That was a bit rude.

So people of Leeds Beckett University you have a bike workshop on your campus at the back of the James Graham building you will see the sign. It is open Monday afternoon 12 until 4 and Tuesday morning 8 until 11 and I will get some decent coffee in and buy some speakers so we can have the radio on and it doesn't feel quite so clinical. If any of you even think about using a bike shop to get your bike a service. Well look, it is your money but I'm not bad at all at looking after bikes and if you just want a chat or some advice that's fine too and if you don't like tea or coffee but prefer some kind of poncy herbal infusion, that's good too, but maybe bring your own bag until I get a stock built up?

I'm here for you, it seems a shame not to take advantage, my name is Dave Prince and I really am happy to help.

I think this will be a fun thing to do for a living.

Tell your friends, colleagues, students and lecturers.

Just imagine if I had actually fixed her bike?



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