Sunday, 15 June 2014

We must intervene

I think over the last week it has become apparent that we can no longer just look on and do nothing. It is time for the West to intervene. Tony Blair must be invaded.

We need to start with targeted hair strikes lets go for his barnet and work our way towards his short and curlies.

It is simply bizarre that anyone should suggest that allowing this failed head of state to just continue spouting forth his self righteous, self serving opinions on the Middle East is a way for democratic peace-loving nations to conduct themselves.

What some people fail to understand is that solving a problem like Tony is complicated. It requires a coalition of the willing and we may also need to go after George W Bush.

The best policy is  for us to realise that whatever form of intervention we choose is going to be difficult but it is better than the alternative of letting him just keep appearing on our televisions like he has any form of democratic mandate currently.

We have compiled a dossier of information that shows that Blair has the ability to deploy his  repellant opinions in 45 minutes if he gives the order to Peter Mandelson.

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