Sunday, 6 April 2014

After Half Marathon debacle Sheffield stockpile water

Sheffield was left high and dry today after the city's half marathon was cancelled due to lack of water. 5000 runners completed the course anyway, nobody died and the police abandoned plans to put roadblocks in place to stop the rebel athletes some of whom were looking "quite thirsty".

This in a city that has had it's share of floods recently.  With the Tour de France swinging their way in July they are taking no chances on such a monumental cock up happening again.

"We are stockpiling water now" said a water source. "We will freeze it to stop it going off and keep it icy cold until the cyclists get here. We can't risk looking like knaves and fools in front of the French. They invented overpriced water in a bottle and apparently some cyclists can get though as much as 8 litres on race days. We have already got 500 litres secured in a big paddling pool which was on offer at Home Bargains. We are going to start the freezing process when we can work out how to get it all shipped over to Xscape without it sloshing out the sides. They have a big fridge and have been dead helpful."


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