Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Camping at Keveral Farm Near Looe

We booked in for six nights at Keveral Farm and I was a bit worried as I found it hard to find a good review and the website was a bit clunky. Anyway here is the low-down. The farm is half a mile down a pretty rough unpaved track. If you drive a sports car it may not be suitable for you, but there were plenty of normal cars there. The camping field is surrounded by trees and in the middle of the Cornish silly season there were only six tents there, nine is the limit.

It was really chilled, everyone was there for the peace and quiet and by 10 at night it was silent. If you want convivial madness, cooking shelters, close neighbours and a disco on site look elsewhere, this is minimal camping with an eco-slant. There was a fire pit in the middle but we never fired it up as it was plenty warm. The shower, there is only one, is basic but its warm and there is a normal loo and sink too. The farm itself is pretty ramshackle as farms are, but the camping field is tidy with nice paths mown amongst the trees. The water supply is from a spring and they pump it, but its UV filtered and its was better than tasting chlorine. There is a composting loo by the camping field we used that as the view was great. We got ice blocks frozen everyday and we bought a box each of the excellent fruit and veg they grow on the farm, which included the best bag of salad I have ever eaten. I don't often get excited about salad. Everything was pretty as and when, but everything we got promised arrived including a bowl of top notch black currants. If you want "Luxury" this isn't the place for you. You can walk from the site to the beach at Seaton down a bridleway, its fifteen minutes or so. Its grey sand and a little pebbly but we spent a few evenings burning sausages on it. There is a nice "and chips" cafe right on the beach where we ate a bit too.We paid seventeen pound a night for a family of four to camp which seemed reasonable for what we got. I recommend it highly if you like to get off the beaten track.


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