Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Why I fell out of love with Facebook

So I'm having a Facebook siesta. I think I just came to the realisation that for all its speed and imediacy Faceook lacks nuance. It doesn't have Twitter's crisp zing, nor its global reach. Maybe as important as what you say, is who you say it too and in what order. Faceboook makes that harder.

Most of the people who are on there in my case, are people who I should be talking to face to face or even on the phone. I think it is the communication equivalent of white bread. Great but  you can have to much of a good thing. So I will use it less and hopefully love it more, from now on.

I think I will now  have less reasons to comment and procrastinate and perhaps I will structure parts of my life better. Who knows maybe I will miss it like crazy and only last 72 hours?  Then just as the cold turkey hits I will return sweating and foaming from the gob  to get right  back into to the throng.  Somehow I doubt it. I think a little more calm, a little more often might make me more fun when I do talk to people.


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